Our innovative solutions

Lobbsonn coaches institution representatives in their relations with public and media decision-makers in France, Europe and worldwide.

Regulatory and legislative lobbying:

  • identifying and profiling public and media decision-makers and local, territorial, national and European opinion leaders,
  • setting up a monitoring system and active legislative and regulatory alerts,
  • building an institutional discourse adapted to public and media decision-makers,
  • enlightening public decision making by contributing to the elaboration of a white paper, responding to a European green paper, writing a tribune, creating public and media events, organizing parliamentary hearings, participating in governmental work, mobilizing parliamentary support…,
  • Acting on the norm: proposing legislative and regulatory changes, formalizing, tabling and supporting amendments and other sub-amendments in committee or in public session, writing draft arguments, organizing meetings…

Territorial integration:

  • identifying both market opportunities and legislative or regulatory obstacles to business development,
  • Mobilizing public growth levers: seeking local, national and European support and funding, obtaining approvals and labels..,
  • Guaranteeing support in territories: determining the most attractive activity platforms, negotiating with public authorities to reach the most favorable conditions for the setting up of structures, developing or redeploying activities.,
  • managing a crisis,
  • implementing an intermediation.


  • highlighting one or more spokespersons for the brand,
  • helping with media coverage,
  • assisting in the choice of discussion topics,
  • implementing a press relations system in an operational manner.